The primary method to lose weight even today is by exercise and proper diet. But sometimes despite leading a very regimented and strict life, you might not lose weight. It is at such times you must seek the help of technology to overcome your struggle against fat.

Using cutting-edge technology to identify genes and genetic codes scientists are finding new ways to win this war against fat and obesity.

  1. Ultrasound: High-intensity ultrasound waves are focused at a point where weight must be lost. In this FDA approved procedure, a layer of fat is actually pinched after the concerned technicians have taken actual measurements after calculating the BMI. Like a typical ultrasound, the gel is applied in the area and a hand-held device is moved over the marked area for around ten minutes. Following this by sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine one can hope to bid goodbye to fat cells forever.
  2. Enzymes to rescue: Scientists have identified enzymes that control metabolism; by stimulating this enzyme the metabolic rate will increase and this will lead to the burning of fat. This method is ideal for those with mobility issues as even with minimal physical effort one can prevent obesity.
  3. Pills to the rescue: You must have come across advertisements for diet pills in sites like Movo Movo for losing weight. These pills basically trick your body into believing that it is being fed but since you actually do not eat anything else, you will lose weight.
  4. Cold Ice: Based on the theory that cold water and ice make your body burn calories to generate heat scientist have invested a cold vest which is believed to burn over 200 calories in a single hour.

While scientists are testing new methods to beat stubborn fat, the bottom line for a healthy life still remains a balanced diet and regular exercise.