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I.R. programmable electronic switch for on-board camera

RC-Switch I.R. is a special version of the RC-Switch designed to control a digital photo-camera via an Infra-Red link using a channel of your RC standard equipment.

It is available for most popular camera and many other models will be added in future. As other switches in the RC-family it has unique user-programming features that allow to adapt the switch to your system.

Different switch versions available to adapt to different camera can be identified by a I.D. code displayed at power-on with an appropriate number of led blinks, repeated three times with a short pause between codes. In the table switch/compatibility the code is reported with two digits: the first one is the number of pulses (1, 2, 3, ...) and the second one is the color of pulses (R:red G:green); in the first case (Nikon) the I.D. 2R means that at power on the switch will display three series of two red blinks each.

Price list and I.D. compatibility codes
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I.D. Code: 2R
D70, 8400, 8800

N65, N75

Nikon Lite Touch Zoom

Pronea S, Nuvis S

ML-L1, ML-L3


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€ 16.00


I.D. Code: 3R
Optio 330, 430RS, 450, 550, 555, 928M

S, S40, S4, S4i

S5 and S6 Series

A10, EI-200

Espio 35mm range with remote


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€ 16.00

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