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Double programmable electronic switch for on-board camera

The ‘Twin Switch’ is a special version of the RC-Switch that can control, with two independent outputs, the double-step shutter used in most cameras.
The two outputs are opto-coupled and controlled by the same RC channel.

Each output can be programmed separately, setting the two activation points at different positions of the same command.
Moving the stick from 0% to 50% can activate the first shutter step (focus and exp. time) and moving to more than 60% will trigger the camera.

Going back to half stick travel (50%) will not restart the focus and exposure calculation and the camera is ready to take an other picture, while going to 0% will restart the complete process.

As in the single switch the single shot and the continuous mode are user selectable and the the automatic trigger is programmable. The new twin version has now no limitations and can handle different polarities on each channel without the common GND reference as before. With the opto-coupled outputs it is now possible to trigger simoultaneusly two different cameras with the same switch for stereo 3D pictures!

The twin switch comes with two 7.8 inches bipolar harness with micro JST connector. The other end of each harness must be soldered in parallel with the two switches (or with the two sections of the same switch) on the camera for focus and shutter activation.

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