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Lipo Monitor with programmable speed limit:
how to use standard regulators with LiPo batteries.

It is known that old regulators, designed to work with NiCd and NiMh cells, are not compatible with new LiPo cells; the reason is the different value of cut-off voltage, the point at which the regulator stops the motor to avoid a deep discharge that can damage the battery pack.
As this voltage is higher for the LiPo batteries, a standard regulator will discharge such battery to a value that can damage the LiPo pack before cut-off intervention. LiPo Monitor offers the right solution and adds an important feature not present on similar circuits: the user can program, with a very simple procedure, the speed limit for the motor during the cut-off phase, to have a safety margin for landing; the transition from normal to limited speed is soft and progressive, to avoid an unexpected and total stop of the motor.

This condition in which you can still control the plane at reduced speed is valid for a maximum of 3 minutes; after this time the speed limit control will gradually switch off the motor, to preserve battery from a deep discharge.

A special test is done at power-on to detect the number of cells connected to the LiPo Monitor: if the battery pack it is not fully charged, a warning indication tells the user that something is wrong and the numer of detected cell could be wrong and must be confirmed by the user.


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