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The first user programmable flashing light controller for RC applications

Simulated animation

All in three simple steps:

Six different light effects available at the same time!
Change the light effect by a command on your TX!
Perfect for night flight and for adding more realism to rc scale models!

Flash board and US / EU cent white LED available in SMT and traditional format

Flash light controller is a sophisticate electronic board that interfaces your RC system with four flashing and one on/off channels. Each output is capable of driving up to 6 white hi-brightness LEDs at low voltage, avoiding the risk of using dangerous hi-voltage flasher.
An additional on/off channel is provided for solid red and green navigation light.

Flash light controller can be connected to a dedicated channel or can be used in parallel with an existing function of your RC system: on and off position can be user-programmed, so there is no need for modifying your radio set-up.

Complete PC software for easy sequence editing, disk save & recall and real time light effect simulation; data download to Flash controller board uses serial RS232 interface.

 The Flash light controller can store in its non volatile memory (data are retained in memory even with no power supply)  6 independent flash sequences with 32 steps each, selectable during flight with a touch on your RC transmitter.

Four flashing lights on a wing plus nav light

Details of LED installation


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LED package - SMD

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LED package - Standard

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