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How to build microconnectors

You can built by yourself the small and light micro-connectors used in RC-Switch; a good soldering skill is required, but the process is very easy. These connectors are ideal for low current application in micro-sized planes; they are polarized and can support continuous current up to 1A

You need a pin-contact strip as the one in the picture, a small heat shrink tube (1.8 - 2 mm. max diameter, shrink ratio 2:1, in red and black colours) and wires.
I am using gray wires taken from flat ribbon cable, but it is also possible to use small servo cable or similar. Do not use wire-wrap wire: it is too fragile for this application!!

Connector detail

Carefully cut the plastic around the pin to extract the pin from the plastic support.

You need two pins for each connection point
Prepare the two wires for soldering and cut the insulation for 2-3 mm.
Use a small, low power soldering tool..

Place one wire inside the hole of the pin and solder it.

Then solder the other wire on the exterior (leg) of the pin.

Prepare two small pieces of heat shrink tube of 1.8 mm. diameter for each connection

and place it on the solder points


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