Technology has been evolved in recent times beyond one’s imagination. It has made life quite easy for mankind. However, even though one should be grateful to the latest technology, you should not let the technology hinder your life in many ways.  You should harness the technology in the right way.  You could go through the true sayings about life mentioned below which will help you to lead a life without letting the technology rule it.

Tips to Ponder

Make deliberate choices with regard to time- You need to prioritize your time wisely. You should note down time limit of use of the phone, laptop, etc for each day. According to studies, it showed that one experiences dopamine rush when he receives something new in the inbox or as messages. Hence, if you have a chalked out a time period for the technology usage it will slowly reduce your urge to check the phone all the time.

Remember that the precious thing one can give a gift someone is your presence- Even though the social networking platform helps people in coming together, nothing could replace the one on one personal contact with each other. Your attention, your presence is what you could gift someone.

You should be mindful about the reasons you connect to technology- There are various reasons one feels the urge to get connected to technology and they are:

  • For confirmation that you are important and needed (for instance, you received many emails, you feel that you are important)
  • For stimulation
  • To get connected with other people
  • To get a feeling of control or find an escape from the rawness
  • To keep yourself busy when anxiety takes over

Self-awareness is very much important, you need to know for what purpose you are turning to use technology. It helps in reconnecting with yourself and can find ways to keep yourself occupied without the technology.