8 Low-tech Ways to Keep Cool in a Heatwave

There are some place which will always be very heat and the people will feel very bad who live there. So, they all will want to move to some cool place for at least they will expect to keep themselves cool by doing some things. Let us have a look on the ways what can be done to make the places cool in brief.

  1. Clothes:

The clothes matter a lot and we should choose wet clothes most of the time to avoid all those heat burns and pricks. So, we can make our clothes wet and can wear it always. It will definitely soothe us and we will feel somewhat better in that heatwave.

  1. Stick in the cold water:

We can stick in our hands in the cold water to make our body cool because our bodies will become so heat when the heatwaves are generated continuously. So, to make ourselves cool, we can have a bucket full of cold water and sink our hands into it for sometime.

  1. Showers:

We can have two time showers when we feel so hot. Because showering will make ourselves feel very fresh and energetic and the body temperature will start reducing when we take showers.

  1. Fans:

We are able to see many of us will have a handy fan with them to get away from the heat. They will keep the fans near their faces and enjoy the breeze coming out from it.

  1. Air conditioners:

It is very difficult to see a house without air conditioners because the heat waves are not at all able to tolerate by the people. But the air conditioners should be neat and clean because when they are not clean, it will spread various infections and will become unhealthy for our bodies.


Thus conclude that we should be able to accept everything the nature gives us and we should not do anything against it. We can visit Crestar’s website for ongoing promotions and sales to get fans and air conditioners.…