How Is Technology Changing In The Education Sector?

Technology has penetrated into all the industries and the education sector is also not left behind. The way technology is being used in the education sector is changing the way the education process works. Here at StarWalkKids learn how technology has entered the education industry in a big way.

More accessible

The technology has made education more accessible. It is possible to gain access to any formal education course through the online courses. This saves one from attending college. The institutions today have introduced many such online courses where one does not have to attend a regular college. This has broken the barrier because of geography and one has unlimited access to educational courses.

More flexible

One can learn the subject at his own pace and not adhere to the strict deadlines. This lets one capture the learning based on his or her capability and devotes all his time to learn the subject effectively.

Student-teacher interaction

The days when the teachers had to meet the students face to face are gone. This method is no more in existence because technology has made it possible for the teacher and the students to be in continuous touch without any physical meeting. Sharing of files, getting doubts solved to group discussions, everything is possible in the virtual world, thanks to the use of technology.


Assessments too are done online now and this lets the institution to understand what the ability of the learner is without the student attending any assessment where he needs to be present physically.

The student can also get access to many e-assessments and there are online assessments that let the student gauge his level of performance.

New in content

There is a digital version of the textbooks and the learner can get access to any new content within a matter of minutes.